Histology and Microbiology Slides and Images App Reviews

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Not enough histology!

There isnt very many slides anyways, and the title should be microbiology slides.. Not the histology I expected... Not worth the $3 I spen on it!!! Its cool, but not $3 cool.. Very disappointed...

Waste of $$ !!!!!

I do not recommend this app. Its definitely not worth $2.99!!! Does not have a lot of pictures (especially not for the $) & each pic only has a VERY vague description, if any at all. • If your looking for a study tool for your classes, this app is USELESS. •But if you just want to look @ the pretty pictures then i guess its ok.

Not worth the $3

Unfortunately I bought it before I read the reviews. Limited slide selection. Hardly any normal histology. Wish I could get a refund. Great idea, poor execution however.

Waste of my money!

Its a waist has nothing I needed, very little slides!

98% are irregular cells, poor study guide!!

I was expecting to see some histology slides of normal tissues u actually learn about in anatomy class. This app was completely worthless for an extension of study tools. How do we know what bad cells look like if we are not 100% sure of what a normal cell and tissues look like? No good Eddie!!

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